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One of the best part of being a wedding photographer in St. Louis is the architecture.  The buildings and the history towering all around the city. The occupied and abandoned alike, luscious with beauty, whispering with light and alive with possibilities.  All of these thing were important to Brian and Molly.  Not just the famous landmarks of St. Louis, but the hidden treasures, buried and often forgotten.  It is one of my greatest joys to revive these locations though fine art, storytelling photography.   Thank you to Molly and Brian for trusting me to venture into some of the lost places, and create not just a snapshot, but a piece of art to commemorate their wedding day.Beautiful Mess Photo_0089St. Louis Wedding Photogapher Beautiful Mess Photo_0075Beautiful Mess Photo_0076Beautiful Mess Photo_0071 Beautiful Mess Photo_0072 Beautiful Mess Photo_0073 Beautiful Mess Photo_0074Beautiful Mess Photo_0077Beautiful Mess Photo_0078Beautiful Mess Photo_0079Beautiful Mess Photo_0082Beautiful Mess Photo_0083Beautiful Mess Photo_0084Beautiful Mess Photo_0080Beautiful Mess Photo_0081Beautiful Mess Photo_0085Beautiful Mess Photo_0086Beautiful Mess Photo_0087Beautiful Mess Photo_0088

Brian & Molly ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Mad Art Gallery

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Mad Art Gallery

Florist ~ Crimson Petal

Cake ~ Surgaree Baking Co.

Bride’s Dress ~ Eighth Avenue Villagers

Hair Stylist ~ Blown Away

DJ ~ CJ's Disc Jockey Service

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Part of why I love being a wedding photographer, is that I really love our clients.  I am convinced that we get the best St. Louis couples out there! Nick and Jamie are no acceptation.  They are fun, kind and generous.  Their love for each other is so evident, it made shooting this chapter in their life a true honor.  They laugh often and dance until they get sweaty!  One of the moments that stole my heart was Nick seeing Jamie for the first time on their wedding day!    Here are a few more of our favorites from from Nick and Jamie's fall wedding.Beautiful Mess Photo_0032 Beautiful Mess Photo_0033 Beautiful Mess Photo_0034Beautiful Mess Photo_0036 Beautiful Mess Photo_0037 Beautiful Mess Photo_0038 Beautiful Mess Photo_0039 Beautiful Mess Photo_0040 Beautiful Mess Photo_0041 Beautiful Mess Photo_0042 Beautiful Mess Photo_0043 Beautiful Mess Photo_0051 Beautiful Mess Photo_0050 Beautiful Mess Photo_0065Beautiful Mess Photo_0049 Beautiful Mess Photo_0048 Beautiful Mess Photo_0047 Beautiful Mess Photo_0046 Beautiful Mess Photo_0064 Beautiful Mess Photo_0062Beautiful Mess Photo_0053 Beautiful Mess Photo_0063Beautiful Mess Photo_0054Beautiful Mess Photo_0055 Beautiful Mess Photo_0057 Beautiful Mess Photo_0056 Beautiful Mess Photo_0068Beautiful Mess Photo_0058 Beautiful Mess Photo_0059Beautiful Mess Photo_0060 Beautiful Mess Photo_0061 Beautiful Mess Photo_0066 Beautiful Mess Photo_0067

Nick & Jamie ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Moulin Events - Chouteau Room

Wedding Reception ~ Moulin Events - Jefferson Ballroom

Florist ~ The Special Event Florist Tina Barrera

Pie ~ Pint Size Bakery

Bride's Dress ~ The Ultimate Bride

DJ ~ RockStar DJ's

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Splintered, scattered, defeated.

It folds in on itself as I pick my way through the bones.

I trust it to hold, enamored with the glint beneath the grime.

Broken, splattered, mistreated.

Leaks of light and color, purge the din.  Hushed hallways, and towers, a maze to explore.

 The dancing spirits and singing phantoms, now silent.

Shattered, crumbling, abandoned.

I wonder at my ability to relate.  How could you give up on something so beautiful?

The mess too much.  The tare too jagged.  The darkness too deep.

I step lightly. Don't wake the ghosts.  I adventure in a jungle of rot and ruin. I will see this with fresh eyes, light bringing life to empty spaces.  Lost things, broken things, fill up my treasure box.  New paint, old paint, bright, crashing into the gloom.  Beauty, in it's own right. A canvas for the revolt. An uprising in the forgotten.  Climbing to a new perch, a new perspective.  Taking awe, in the clutter of life that used to be, a whisper of the past.   I marvel at the elegance preserved that would not be, if lived in.  Decay that allows new growth.  A place to climb, a place to create, a place to  see the world, while not being seen. This is my tree house.

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