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 Hailing from Texas, Jennifer and Kenneth chose St. Louis to celebrate their marriage so they could be close to Jennifer's grandparent.  Jennifer and Kenneth treasure their family and the respect they have for  history and generations of tradition was more than evident.  Jennifer had her grandma's wedding ring tied to her bouquet.  Her grandfather had the honor of walking her down the aisle.  And they even gave a nod the St. Louis Cardinal's while taking photos for their baby announcement.  (Go Birds!)  The elegance and class were only outdone by the warm hugs and genuine smiles.  I am, as always, thankful share this wedding story with you.

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Kenneth & Jennifer ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Christ Church Cathedral

Officiant ~ Assisi Weddings

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Union Station

Florist ~ Belli Fiori

Cake ~ Sarah's Cake Shop

Wedding Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Diva's

Hair and Makeup  ~ Emily Miller

DJ ~ Block Rockin' Beats

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Videographer ~ Kinetic Visuals

Josh and Christin's wedding was beautifully put together.  In a fun reminisce of events, they were married in Tim's Grandmother's church. He spend my any Christmas Eve in those pews.  Christin's easy laugh and Josh's warm hugs defined "wedding day bliss".  Christin chose plum and gray with pops of orange and green for her fall wedding colors.  The couple  were the perfect hosts, even celebrating one of their aunt's birthdays with a surprise piece of cake.  The day was topped off perfectly with a roof top stroll at Moulin.  It has been a blessing  getting to know Josh and Christin and I look forward to many more fun filled evenings to come! Josh_Christin14 Josh_Christin15Josh_Christin18 Josh_Christin20Josh_Christin17 Josh_Christin16Josh_Christin19 Josh_Christin21 Josh_Christin23a Josh_Christin25 Josh_Christin26 Josh_Christin27Josh_Christin28a Josh_Christin32aJosh_Christin34 Josh_Christin35 Josh_Christin36Josh_Christin45 Josh_Christin38Josh_Christin46 Josh_Christin40 Josh_Christin41Josh_Christin44a Josh_Christin42 Josh_Christin39

Josh & Christin ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church

Wedding Reception ~ The Moulin - Jefferson Ballroom

Florist ~ Walter Knoll

Make up + Hair ~ J'labii Hair Design Studio

Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Wedding Paper Designer ~ Wedding Paper Divas

Musician/DJ ~ RockStar DJs

Cake ~ The Cakery

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Wes and Angela's put on a fantastic, storybook inspired wedding,  The grad event was held  at the St. Louis Hilton Frontenac. Donned in ivory and pink,  Angela fit the part as an elegant prices complete with ballgown dress and jeweled tiara.  Prince Wesley look dapper and debonair in with all his "lords" in their black and gray tuxes.  The festivities would not be complete without gold glittering centerpieces and a the bride and groom's initials in lights on the ballroom floor.  Special touches included a martini bar, chocolate covered strawberries and of course a lot of dancing.  Wes and Angela were the perfect hosts, elegant and kind.  We do hope they, in fact, live happily ever after. Wes_Angela Wedding1a Wes_Angela Wedding3 Wes_Angela Wedding5 Wes_Angela Wedding7 Wes_Angela Wedding8Wes_Angela Wedding10Wes_Angela Wedding6 Wes_Angela Wedding9 Wes_Angela Wedding11 Wes_Angela Wedding12 Wes_Angela Wedding13 Wes_Angela Wedding14 Wes_Angela Wedding15Wes_Angela Wedding19Wes_Angela Wedding17 Wes_Angela Wedding18Wes_Angela Wedding21Wes_Angela Wedding22Wes_Angela Wedding20Wes_Angela Wedding24Wes_Angela Wedding26 Wes_Angela Wedding27Wes_Angela Wedding29Wes_Angela Wedding25 Wes_Angela Wedding30Wes_Angela Wedding33Wes_Angela Wedding32Wes_Angela Wedding35 Wes_Angela Wedding34Wes_Angela Wedding31

Wes & Angela ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Grace United Methodist 

Wedding Reception ~ Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

Florist ~ Family Friend

Make up + Hair ~ April

Gown Boutique ~ Clarice's Bridal

Musician/DJ ~ Allegro Entertainment

Cake ~ Missouri Baking Company

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Zach and Nicole were married in their hometown of Old Monroe.  We were met with warm hugs and hospitality, which come hand in hand with small town Missouri. It was a perfect day with blue skies and blissful temperatures. Nicole's contagious smile and Zach's easy humor, made us feel right at home.  Zach and Nicole's families played a huge part in their wedding day.  The nieces and nephews all dressed in black, white and gold to express the Kate Spade themes of the day.  Between Zach and Nicole they have eight adoring siblings, who filled the day with encouragement and laughter.  It was a beautiful day full of celebration and love. We hope to be invited back to Old Monroe someday to be witness to the heart of what makes the midwest so precious.  Zach_Nicole Weding1 Zach_Nicole Weding34 Zach_Nicole Weding36Zach_Nicole Weding84Zach_Nicole Weding85Zach_Nicole Weding86Zach_Nicole Weding87Zach_Nicole Weding2Zach_Nicole sneekpeek1ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek4ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek6ingZach_Nicole Weding4Zach_Nicole Weding6 Zach_Nicole Weding35Zach_Nicole Weding7Zach_Nicole Weding5 Zach_Nicole Weding8 Zach_Nicole Weding10 Zach_Nicole Weding11Zach_Nicole sneekpeek3ing Zach_Nicole Weding12Zach_Nicole Weding13 Zach_Nicole Weding15Zach_Nicole Weding14Zach_Nicole sneekpeek2ingZach_Nicole Weding16Zach_Nicole Weding17Zach_Nicole Weding18Zach_Nicole Weding19Zach_Nicole Weding20Zach_Nicole Weding21Zach_Nicole Weding22Zach_Nicole Weding23Zach_Nicole Weding26Zach_Nicole Weding27Zach_Nicole Weding25Zach_Nicole Weding29Zach_Nicole Weding30Zach_Nicole Weding31Zach_Nicole Weding32Zach_Nicole Weding33
This is the story of the firefighter (Marty)  who fell in love with the teacher (Kasey), and at their fairy tail wedding all of Kasey's 2nd graders were their to cheer them on.  Cuter than words.  Their day was full of sunshine, and family and love that triggered the happy tears.  Classic beauty, Kasey, meets sharp details, (Marty), and we all fell in love.Marty and Kasey Wedding1a Marty and Kasey Wedding7 Marty and Kasey Wedding6Marty and Kasey Wedding8 Marty and Kasey Wedding9 Marty and Kasey Wedding10 Marty and Kasey Wedding11 Marty and Kasey Wedding12 Marty and Kasey Wedding13 Marty and Kasey Wedding14a Marty and Kasey Wedding17a Marty and Kasey Wedding18 Marty and Kasey Wedding19 Marty and Kasey Wedding25 Marty and Kasey Wedding26 Marty and Kasey Wedding20 Marty and Kasey Wedding35 Marty and Kasey Wedding27aMarty and Kasey Wedding28 Marty and Kasey Wedding29Marty and Kasey Wedding31 Marty and Kasey Wedding32 Marty and Kasey Wedding33 Marty and Kasey Wedding36 Marty and Kasey Wedding34Marty and Kasey Wedding38Marty and Kasey Wedding39Marty and Kasey Wedding40Marty and Kasey Wedding41Marty and Kasey Wedding44Marty and Kasey Wedding45Marty and Kasey Wedding47Marty and Kasey Wedding46