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It was an honor to be asked to photography Dan and Claire's wedding this summer.  Seven years ago, I shot Claire's sister's wedding.  In fact, there were four Beautiful Mess Brides in attendance at Dan and Claire's wedding. It is a really sweet feeling to be asked back over and over again, into the same circle of friends and family, to capture their wedding stories.  Dan and Claire could be described as old souls.  The warmth and hospitality of their families brought a light to they wedding day that is hard to beat.  The grace in which they love and serve each other was evident in every part of their day.  Of course I cried through out the father-daughter dance.  Here is a taste of  Dan and Clair's gorgeous summer wedding.Dan_Claire Wedding1Dan_Claire Wedding8Dan_Claire Wedding9 Dan_Claire Wedding4 Dan_Claire Wedding2 Dan_Claire Wedding15 Dan_Claire Wedding16 Dan_Claire Wedding18 Dan_Claire Wedding19 Dan_Claire Wedding20 Dan_Claire Wedding21Dan_Claire Wedding23Dan_Claire Wedding26Dan_Claire Wedding24Dan_Claire Wedding25Dan_Claire Wedding28Dan_Claire Wedding35Dan_Claire Wedding37Dan_Claire Wedding38Dan_Claire Wedding39Dan_Claire Wedding40Dan_Claire Wedding43Dan_Claire Wedding45Dan_Claire Wedding44Dan_Claire Wedding48Dan_Claire Wedding30Dan_Claire Wedding34Dan_Claire Wedding51Dan_Claire Wedding53Dan_Claire Wedding54Dan_Claire Wedding55Dan_Claire Wedding56Dan_Claire Wedding50Dan_Claire Wedding58Dan_Claire Wedding59Dan_Claire Wedding62Dan_Claire Wedding64Dan_Claire Wedding66Dan_Claire Wedding67Dan_Claire Wedding68Dan_Claire Wedding69Dan_Claire Wedding70Dan_Claire Wedding60Dan_Claire Wedding65