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Set in the impeccable Laumeire Sculpture Park,  Nina and Orie's elegant wedding was gilded in blue skies for miles and contagious laughter.  Classic details of purple orchards and succulent party favors brought a vibrate, life giving atmosphere and transitioned the outside ceremony to the inside reception full of light and music.  From fist look to first dance Orie and Nina floated through with warmth and grace.  It is an honor and delight to share this St. Louis wedding story today. 

Orie & Nina ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~Laumeier Sculpture Park

Officiant ~ Assisi Weddings

Invitation Designer ~ Falmari Paper Co

Florist ~ Arnold Florist

Bride’s Dress ~ Belle Vogue Bridal

Hair Stylist & Makeup ~ Shannon Ball

Cake Artist ~ McArthur's

Caterer ~ Kenrick's Meats & Catering

DJ ~ Pro Sound DJ

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Shooting Brett and Melissa's wedding was truly an honor.  They are some of the most caring and generous people I have ever met.  Their whole wedding day was carefully crafted with themes of giving and service.  Having their ceremony in the natural decor of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, renting bikes so their wedding guest ride to Moulin Events for the reception, (I got to hang out the sunroof and take photos of them)  and giving out flower bulbs as party gifts were just a few of the thoughtful details that made their day so incredible. Their love for each other, selfless.  Their smiles, infectious.  And together, I think they have a real shot at taking over the world!Brett_Melissa Wedding_0007Brett_Melissa Wedding_0006 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0008 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0009 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0010 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0011 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0012 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0014 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0015 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0016 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0017 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0018 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0019 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0020 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0021 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0022 Brett_Melissa Wedding_0023

Brett & Melissa ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Missouri Botanical Gardens

Wedding Reception ~ Moulin Events

Florist ~ Flowers to the People

Pie ~ The Sugaree

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Bride's Dress ~ Amy Kuschel

Bride's Shoes ~ BHLDN

Zach and Nicole were married in their hometown of Old Monroe.  We were met with warm hugs and hospitality, which come hand in hand with small town Missouri. It was a perfect day with blue skies and blissful temperatures. Nicole's contagious smile and Zach's easy humor, made us feel right at home.  Zach and Nicole's families played a huge part in their wedding day.  The nieces and nephews all dressed in black, white and gold to express the Kate Spade themes of the day.  Between Zach and Nicole they have eight adoring siblings, who filled the day with encouragement and laughter.  It was a beautiful day full of celebration and love. We hope to be invited back to Old Monroe someday to be witness to the heart of what makes the midwest so precious.  Zach_Nicole Weding1 Zach_Nicole Weding34 Zach_Nicole Weding36Zach_Nicole Weding84Zach_Nicole Weding85Zach_Nicole Weding86Zach_Nicole Weding87Zach_Nicole Weding2Zach_Nicole sneekpeek1ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek4ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek6ingZach_Nicole Weding4Zach_Nicole Weding6 Zach_Nicole Weding35Zach_Nicole Weding7Zach_Nicole Weding5 Zach_Nicole Weding8 Zach_Nicole Weding10 Zach_Nicole Weding11Zach_Nicole sneekpeek3ing Zach_Nicole Weding12Zach_Nicole Weding13 Zach_Nicole Weding15Zach_Nicole Weding14Zach_Nicole sneekpeek2ingZach_Nicole Weding16Zach_Nicole Weding17Zach_Nicole Weding18Zach_Nicole Weding19Zach_Nicole Weding20Zach_Nicole Weding21Zach_Nicole Weding22Zach_Nicole Weding23Zach_Nicole Weding26Zach_Nicole Weding27Zach_Nicole Weding25Zach_Nicole Weding29Zach_Nicole Weding30Zach_Nicole Weding31Zach_Nicole Weding32Zach_Nicole Weding33
I was thrilled to be invited to photograph Kevin and Amanda's gorgeous wedding at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, MO.  The whole day was full of simple, beautiful details from Amanda's grandma's pearls, to white hydrangeas and twinkle lights.  Kevin and Amanda were surrounded by their friends and family loving and laughing.  The dancing carried us into the night. With a few finishing touches that gave nod to the military service of Kevin and his groomsmen, the day was a masterpiece. We are thankful to all our military families for their service and honored to be a part of Kevin and Amanda's wedding day.  Thank you to my friends Doug and Dene' who referred us for this wedding.  Your faith in us is the highest compliment. Kevin_Amanda Blog48Kevin_Amanda Blog5Kevin_Amanda Blog6 Kevin_Amanda Blog8Kevin_Amanda Blog4 Kevin_Amanda Blog9Kevin_Amanda Blog47Kevin_Amanda Wedding50Kevin_Amanda Wedding53Kevin_Amanda Blog46 Kevin_Amanda Blog11 Kevin_Amanda Blog12 Kevin_Amanda Blog13 Kevin_Amanda Blog14 Kevin_Amanda Blog15 Kevin_Amanda Blog16Kevin_Amanda Blog18Kevin_Amanda Wedding51 Kevin_Amanda Blog19 Kevin_Amanda Blog20 Kevin_Amanda Blog21 Kevin_Amanda Blog22Kevin_Amanda Blog45Kevin_Amanda Blog24Kevin_Amanda Wedding54 Kevin_Amanda Blog25 Kevin_Amanda Blog26Kevin_Amanda Blog27 Kevin_Amanda Blog28 Kevin_Amanda Blog29 Kevin_Amanda Blog30 Kevin_Amanda Blog31Kevin_Amanda Blog33 Kevin_Amanda Blog32Kevin_Amanda Blog34 Kevin_Amanda Blog35 Kevin_Amanda Blog36 Kevin_Amanda Blog37 Kevin_Amanda Blog38 Kevin_Amanda Blog39 Kevin_Amanda Blog40Kevin_Amanda Blog42Kevin_Amanda Wedding52 Kevin_Amanda Blog43 Kevin_Amanda Blog44Kevin_Amanda Blog41
It was an honor to be asked to photography Dan and Claire's wedding this summer.  Seven years ago, I shot Claire's sister's wedding.  In fact, there were four Beautiful Mess Brides in attendance at Dan and Claire's wedding. It is a really sweet feeling to be asked back over and over again, into the same circle of friends and family, to capture their wedding stories.  Dan and Claire could be described as old souls.  The warmth and hospitality of their families brought a light to they wedding day that is hard to beat.  The grace in which they love and serve each other was evident in every part of their day.  Of course I cried through out the father-daughter dance.  Here is a taste of  Dan and Clair's gorgeous summer wedding.Dan_Claire Wedding1Dan_Claire Wedding8Dan_Claire Wedding9 Dan_Claire Wedding4 Dan_Claire Wedding2 Dan_Claire Wedding15 Dan_Claire Wedding16 Dan_Claire Wedding18 Dan_Claire Wedding19 Dan_Claire Wedding20 Dan_Claire Wedding21Dan_Claire Wedding23Dan_Claire Wedding26Dan_Claire Wedding24Dan_Claire Wedding25Dan_Claire Wedding28Dan_Claire Wedding35Dan_Claire Wedding37Dan_Claire Wedding38Dan_Claire Wedding39Dan_Claire Wedding40Dan_Claire Wedding43Dan_Claire Wedding45Dan_Claire Wedding44Dan_Claire Wedding48Dan_Claire Wedding30Dan_Claire Wedding34Dan_Claire Wedding51Dan_Claire Wedding53Dan_Claire Wedding54Dan_Claire Wedding55Dan_Claire Wedding56Dan_Claire Wedding50Dan_Claire Wedding58Dan_Claire Wedding59Dan_Claire Wedding62Dan_Claire Wedding64Dan_Claire Wedding66Dan_Claire Wedding67Dan_Claire Wedding68Dan_Claire Wedding69Dan_Claire Wedding70Dan_Claire Wedding60Dan_Claire Wedding65