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Good morning photography lovers!  Today's wedding post is from the end of summer at Mount Pleasant Winery just outside St. Louis.   David and Becca celebrated their marriage in an intimate ceremony, looking out on the fruited plain, under spacious skies.  From top to bottom their event was draped with some of my favorite flowers of 2016, by Style Altar'd.  Best of all, the support and unity of their friends and family.

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David & Rebecca ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Mount Pleasant Winery

Florist ~ Style Altar'd

Cake ~ Wicked Wisk

Wedding Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Invitations ~ Invitations By Dawn

Hair and Makeup  ~ Beauty by Whitney

DJ ~ The Scott Laytham and Karl Holmes Duo

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

I can't say enough about the warmth and joy of this fantastic couple.   Nina and Orie both serve as St. Louis City police officers and I am grateful for their dedication and all they do to serve our amazing city.  They have been genuine and kind, considerate and fun, from the first time we met.    The love and commitment they have to each other is a lovely thing to witness. I can't wait to show off their wedding photos!  Orie and Nina are beautiful on the inside and out and it has been a pleasure being their photographer.beautiful-mess-photo_0269beautiful-mess-photo_0267 beautiful-mess-photo_0268beautiful-mess-photo_0270 beautiful-mess-photo_0271 beautiful-mess-photo_0272 beautiful-mess-photo_0273 beautiful-mess-photo_0274 beautiful-mess-photo_0275 beautiful-mess-photo_0277 beautiful-mess-photo_0278beautiful-mess-photo_0282beautiful-mess-photo_0283 beautiful-mess-photo_0276beautiful-mess-photo_0280beautiful-mess-photo_0284 beautiful-mess-photo_0285beautiful-mess-photo_0279

Engagement Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Location ~ St. Louis Art Museum, Forest Park

We shot Bridget and Jonah's summer wedding just outside St. Louisa at Willoughby Heritage Farms.  The couples wedding day vision was carried out by the most talented and creative Allissa Reimer.  Allissa is owner of one of St. Louis' top event planners, Style Altar'd.  Her flower arrangements set off the outdoor elegance perfectly. Her team turned the barn into a candlelit and colorful haven.   Allissa even officiated the ceremony.  Bridget was the image of vintage chic with her low cut back dress, classic updo and birdcage veil.  Jonah mastered his details with with a white linen suit, frosted cerulean bowtie, and his JORD watch.  The bridesmaids carried balloons instead of bouquets and the the newlyweds sent their promises into the sky after the vows were said. The day was complete with a old fashioned barn dance with hugs and laughter that truly celebrated the making of this gorgeous couple. beautiful-mess-photo_0212beautiful-mess-photo_0213beautiful-mess-photo_0214beautiful-mess-photo_0216 beautiful-mess-photo_0217beautiful-mess-photo_0218 beautiful-mess-photo_0219beautiful-mess-photo_0222beautiful-mess-photo_0223beautiful-mess-photo_0225 beautiful-mess-photo_0226 beautiful-mess-photo_0228beautiful-mess-photo_0227 beautiful-mess-photo_0229 beautiful-mess-photo_0230beautiful-mess-photo_0232 beautiful-mess-photo_0233beautiful-mess-photo_0252beautiful-mess-photo_0246 beautiful-mess-photo_0234 beautiful-mess-photo_0235 beautiful-mess-photo_0236 beautiful-mess-photo_0237beautiful-mess-photo_0238 beautiful-mess-photo_0242beautiful-mess-photo_0244 beautiful-mess-photo_0245beautiful-mess-photo_0247beautiful-mess-photo_0249 beautiful-mess-photo_0250beautiful-mess-photo_0256 beautiful-mess-photo_0257 beautiful-mess-photo_0258 beautiful-mess-photo_0259 beautiful-mess-photo_0260beautiful-mess-photo_0248 beautiful-mess-photo_0255beautiful-mess-photo_0261 beautiful-mess-photo_0262beautiful-mess-photo_0265 beautiful-mess-photo_0266

Jonah & Bridget ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Willoughby Heritage Farms

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Mad Art Gallery

Florist ~ Style Altar'd

Bride’s Dress ~ White Traditions Bridal

Hair Stylist ~ Lauren Thornton at La Jewel hair Studio

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

One of the best part of being a wedding photographer in St. Louis is the architecture.  The buildings and the history towering all around the city. The occupied and abandoned alike, luscious with beauty, whispering with light and alive with possibilities.  All of these thing were important to Brian and Molly.  Not just the famous landmarks of St. Louis, but the hidden treasures, buried and often forgotten.  It is one of my greatest joys to revive these locations though fine art, storytelling photography.   Thank you to Molly and Brian for trusting me to venture into some of the lost places, and create not just a snapshot, but a piece of art to commemorate their wedding day.Beautiful Mess Photo_0089St. Louis Wedding Photogapher Beautiful Mess Photo_0075Beautiful Mess Photo_0076Beautiful Mess Photo_0071 Beautiful Mess Photo_0072 Beautiful Mess Photo_0073 Beautiful Mess Photo_0074Beautiful Mess Photo_0077Beautiful Mess Photo_0078Beautiful Mess Photo_0079Beautiful Mess Photo_0082Beautiful Mess Photo_0083Beautiful Mess Photo_0084Beautiful Mess Photo_0080Beautiful Mess Photo_0081Beautiful Mess Photo_0085Beautiful Mess Photo_0086Beautiful Mess Photo_0087Beautiful Mess Photo_0088

Brian & Molly ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Mad Art Gallery

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Mad Art Gallery

Florist ~ Crimson Petal

Cake ~ Surgaree Baking Co.

Bride’s Dress ~ Eighth Avenue Villagers

Hair Stylist ~ Blown Away

DJ ~ CJ's Disc Jockey Service

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

 Hailing from Texas, Jennifer and Kenneth chose St. Louis to celebrate their marriage so they could be close to Jennifer's grandparent.  Jennifer and Kenneth treasure their family and the respect they have for  history and generations of tradition was more than evident.  Jennifer had her grandma's wedding ring tied to her bouquet.  Her grandfather had the honor of walking her down the aisle.  And they even gave a nod the St. Louis Cardinal's while taking photos for their baby announcement.  (Go Birds!)  The elegance and class were only outdone by the warm hugs and genuine smiles.  I am, as always, thankful share this wedding story with you.

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Kenneth & Jennifer ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Christ Church Cathedral

Officiant ~ Assisi Weddings

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Union Station

Florist ~ Belli Fiori

Cake ~ Sarah's Cake Shop

Wedding Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Diva's

Hair and Makeup  ~ Emily Miller

DJ ~ Block Rockin' Beats

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Videographer ~ Kinetic Visuals