In the fall, Daisy and I headed out to Cafe Osage.  The weather was perfection and the girl even more so.  We shopped and talked and laughed.  We talked about everything from God, to tattoos, relationships to traveling.  She was fully herself, all hand in the hair, optimism and song.  Daisy honored me by sharing her dreams, and ideas, her plans for the future.  She asked questions and I took photos, laughing with her, answering with limited wisdom.  She filled in the blanks on what I forgot about being twenty-one.  I took more photos.

By the end I asked Daisy why the 20 somethings,  are so comfortable not just in front of the camera, but documenting every coffee,  walk and creative snippet on social media?  Her honest answer?

"There is a fear of being forgotten. We want to feel validated, that our existence matters. That's why, I think, my generation loves being a false celebrity.  We want to feel like our time here mattered.  That is wasn't waisted."

Well, you are not alone, Daisy girl.  I'm sure that is the plight of man.  I'm telling your right here, your existence matters, your story is important and my time was not waisted by spending some life with you.

I could spend a dozen more beautiful afternoons listening,  and photographing.  We have plans to catch up again this summer, so check back for another day with Daisy.

Good morning photography lovers!  Today's wedding post is from the end of summer at Mount Pleasant Winery just outside St. Louis.   David and Becca celebrated their marriage in an intimate ceremony, looking out on the fruited plain, under spacious skies.  From top to bottom their event was draped with some of my favorite flowers of 2016, by Style Altar'd.  Best of all, the support and unity of their friends and family.

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David & Rebecca ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Mount Pleasant Winery

Florist ~ Style Altar'd

Cake ~ Wicked Wisk

Wedding Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Invitations ~ Invitations By Dawn

Hair and Makeup  ~ Beauty by Whitney

DJ ~ The Scott Laytham and Karl Holmes Duo

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

I am excited to share Rachel and Troy's wedding at mysterious Lemp Mansion.  From the red, white and blue flowers, to the empty table set for POW's and fallen soldiers, the theme was honor and respect for those who serve to protect out country.  Both Rachel and Troy serve in our U.S. military and for that we are extremely grateful.  Here are some of our favorite photos from the day. beautiful-mess-photo_0362 beautiful-mess-photo_0363 beautiful-mess-photo_0364beautiful-mess-photo_0371 beautiful-mess-photo_0374beautiful-mess-photo_0366 beautiful-mess-photo_0375beautiful-mess-photo_0365beautiful-mess-photo_0369beautiful-mess-photo_0370beautiful-mess-photo_0373beautiful-mess-photo_0376beautiful-mess-photo_0379 beautiful-mess-photo_0377beautiful-mess-photo_0380beautiful-mess-photo_0383 beautiful-mess-photo_0384 beautiful-mess-photo_0385beautiful-mess-photo_0387 beautiful-mess-photo_0386beautiful-mess-photo_0394beautiful-mess-photo_0388 beautiful-mess-photo_0392beautiful-mess-photo_0395beautiful-mess-photo_0396

Troy & Rachel ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Lemp Mansion

Officiant ~ Lyndsey Shaffer

Florist ~ Cullop Jennings

Bride’s Dress ~ Elle Bridal Boutique

Hair Stylist & Makeup ~ Lindsey Gaultney

Cake Artist ~ McArthur's

Caterer ~ Lemp Mansion

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

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St. Louis Wedding Photographer

St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Ten years ago, Mike and I made a deal.  He could ask a girl to marry him, but she would have to say yes to me being the photographer, as well as marrying Mike.  A little ridiculous, I know.  Really what we were saying is that we wanted to be friends though all the chapters of life. I wanted to be there to celebrate his wedding day with him.  I wanted to know the woman he would marry and be friends with her.  We wanted to know the woman who would love all the crazy and hazardous things about Mike.  As soon as we met Emily, we knew they were a perfect match.  She was the best person to love him.  I cannot thank you both enough for bringing Tim and I to Denver to share in the celebration of your marriage.  I am thrilled to be sharing this wedding with you today because, amazing photography, but also because Mike and Emily are precious friends of ours and their marriage is a dream come true.  I cannot be happier for two people to come together and start a life. beautiful-mess-photo_0287 beautiful-mess-photo_0288 beautiful-mess-photo_0289 beautiful-mess-photo_0361 beautiful-mess-photo_0291 beautiful-mess-photo_0292beautiful-mess-photo_0293 beautiful-mess-photo_0295 beautiful-mess-photo_0294 beautiful-mess-photo_0296 beautiful-mess-photo_0297 beautiful-mess-photo_0298 beautiful-mess-photo_0317 beautiful-mess-photo_0300 beautiful-mess-photo_0299 beautiful-mess-photo_0301beautiful-mess-photo_0302beautiful-mess-photo_0303beautiful-mess-photo_0304 beautiful-mess-photo_0308 beautiful-mess-photo_0309 beautiful-mess-photo_0310 beautiful-mess-photo_0313beautiful-mess-photo_0315beautiful-mess-photo_0328beautiful-mess-photo_0319beautiful-mess-photo_0318beautiful-mess-photo_0320beautiful-mess-photo_0321beautiful-mess-photo_0323beautiful-mess-photo_0325beautiful-mess-photo_0326beautiful-mess-photo_0322beautiful-mess-photo_0327beautiful-mess-photo_0329beautiful-mess-photo_0330beautiful-mess-photo_0360beautiful-mess-photo_0332 beautiful-mess-photo_0357beautiful-mess-photo_0333beautiful-mess-photo_0335beautiful-mess-photo_0334 beautiful-mess-photo_0336beautiful-mess-photo_0359beautiful-mess-photo_0358beautiful-mess-photo_0341beautiful-mess-photo_0337beautiful-mess-photo_0343beautiful-mess-photo_0339 beautiful-mess-photo_0340 beautiful-mess-photo_0349beautiful-mess-photo_0345 beautiful-mess-photo_0355 beautiful-mess-photo_0348beautiful-mess-photo_0353 beautiful-mess-photo_0356 beautiful-mess-photo_0354

Mike & Emily ~ Desination Wedding Photography

Rehearsal Dinner ~ The Post Brewing Co.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Lionsgate Event Center

Florist ~ A Florae

Cake ~ Whole Foods

Bride's Dress ~ David's Bridal

DJ ~ Encore Professional Disc Jockeys

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography