I'm so thrilled to be shooting Josh and Christin's wedding later this fall.  Their engagement shoot was on a perfect St. Louis night, and we had so much fun.  Josh and Christin were so comfortable with each other and their discomfort with the camera, quickly dissipated after a few laughs, and some farmer's market shopping.  The whole shoot took place in downtown Kirkwood, which is one of my favorite places to shop and walk around.  Afterwards, we grabbed a drink and talked about Moscow Mules, Veronica Mars and the Avengers.  (I love my clients!)  Take a walk with us, as we stroll through one of St. Louis' greatest date nights. Josh_Christin Engagement-1 Josh_Christin Engagement-2 Josh_Christin Engagement-4 Josh_Christin Engagement-5 Josh_Christin Engagement-6a Josh_Christin Engagement-7 Josh_Christin Engagement-9a Josh_Christin Engagement-10 Josh_Christin Engagement-12a Josh_Christin Engagement-14 Josh_Christin Engagement-15