To escape the mid July swelter we don here in St. Louis, I took Brett and Melissa to the Missouri History Museum.  We shot the first part of their engagement surrounded in light and simplistic beauty of the museum, then ventured in the shade, and heat of Forest Park. Brett and Melissa brought classic bicycles, which added a special charm and a real glimpse of who they are as a couple.  I'm excited to be shooting their wedding this fall.  I can't wait to capture more of their easy smiles and see bicycle themed elements of what I'm sure will be a beautiful day.  Brett and Melissa1 Brett and Melissa3Brett and Melissa6 Brett and Melissa4 Brett and Melissa5 Brett and Melissa8 Brett and Melissa9 Brett and Melissa10 Brett and Melissa11 Brett and Melissa12 Brett and Melissa13 Brett and Melissa14Brett and Melissa16 Brett and Melissa17 Brett and Melissa18