If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and if rains on your wedding day, buy fun umbrellas! May in Missouri is no stranger to rainy days, but that doesn't stop the beauty of a St. Louis weddings.  We were blessed again to have a good patch of sunshine at Forest Park and then headed to City Cottage on Chouteau for Colin and Becca's wedding. Among the adoring family and friends was Becca's amazing grandma.  Bending close, face to face, she shared her prayers and words of love and wisdom though out the day.  These precious moments were a true blessing to witness.  It was an elegant and laid back evening, with amazing food by Catering St. Louis, cupcakes by The Cup, and a Lego bride and groom sporting collegiate pride, to top them off.  We were so thankful to be there and honored to tell Becca and Colin's wedding day story.Colin_Becca Wedding2Colin_Becca Wedding2aColin_Becca Wedding4 Colin_Becca Wedding5 Colin_Becca Wedding6a Colin_Becca Wedding8Colin_Becca Wedding7 Colin_Becca Wedding10 Colin_Becca Wedding11 Colin_Becca Wedding12a Colin_Becca Wedding14 Colin_Becca Wedding15 Colin_Becca Wedding16 Colin_Becca Wedding17 Colin_Becca Wedding18a Colin_Becca Wedding21 Colin_Becca Wedding20Colin_Becca Wedding23 Colin_Becca Wedding24 Colin_Becca Wedding25Colin_Becca Wedding22Colin_Becca Wedding26a Colin_Becca Wedding28a Colin_Becca Wedding30 Colin_Becca Wedding31 Colin_Becca Wedding33a Colin_Becca Wedding35 Colin_Becca Wedding36 Colin_Becca Wedding38a Colin_Becca Wedding44Colin_Becca Wedding41a Colin_Becca Wedding50 Colin_Becca Wedding51 Colin_Becca Wedding52 Colin_Becca Wedding53Colin_Becca Wedding46a Colin_Becca Wedding54