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In the fall, Daisy and I headed out to Cafe Osage.  The weather was perfection and the girl even more so.  We shopped and talked and laughed.  We talked about everything from God, to tattoos, relationships to traveling.  She was fully herself, all hand in the hair, optimism and song.  Daisy honored me by sharing her dreams, and ideas, her plans for the future.  She asked questions and I took photos, laughing with her, answering with limited wisdom.  She filled in the blanks on what I forgot about being twenty-one.  I took more photos.

By the end I asked Daisy why the 20 somethings,  are so comfortable not just in front of the camera, but documenting every coffee,  walk and creative snippet on social media?  Her honest answer?

"There is a fear of being forgotten. We want to feel validated, that our existence matters. That's why, I think, my generation loves being a false celebrity.  We want to feel like our time here mattered.  That is wasn't waisted."

Well, you are not alone, Daisy girl.  I'm sure that is the plight of man.  I'm telling your right here, your existence matters, your story is important and my time was not waisted by spending some life with you.

I could spend a dozen more beautiful afternoons listening,  and photographing.  We have plans to catch up again this summer, so check back for another day with Daisy.

Part of why I love being a wedding photographer, is that I really love our clients.  I am convinced that we get the best St. Louis couples out there! Nick and Jamie are no acceptation.  They are fun, kind and generous.  Their love for each other is so evident, it made shooting this chapter in their life a true honor.  They laugh often and dance until they get sweaty!  One of the moments that stole my heart was Nick seeing Jamie for the first time on their wedding day!    Here are a few more of our favorites from from Nick and Jamie's fall wedding.Beautiful Mess Photo_0032 Beautiful Mess Photo_0033 Beautiful Mess Photo_0034Beautiful Mess Photo_0036 Beautiful Mess Photo_0037 Beautiful Mess Photo_0038 Beautiful Mess Photo_0039 Beautiful Mess Photo_0040 Beautiful Mess Photo_0041 Beautiful Mess Photo_0042 Beautiful Mess Photo_0043 Beautiful Mess Photo_0051 Beautiful Mess Photo_0050 Beautiful Mess Photo_0065Beautiful Mess Photo_0049 Beautiful Mess Photo_0048 Beautiful Mess Photo_0047 Beautiful Mess Photo_0046 Beautiful Mess Photo_0064 Beautiful Mess Photo_0062Beautiful Mess Photo_0053 Beautiful Mess Photo_0063Beautiful Mess Photo_0054Beautiful Mess Photo_0055 Beautiful Mess Photo_0057 Beautiful Mess Photo_0056 Beautiful Mess Photo_0068Beautiful Mess Photo_0058 Beautiful Mess Photo_0059Beautiful Mess Photo_0060 Beautiful Mess Photo_0061 Beautiful Mess Photo_0066 Beautiful Mess Photo_0067

Nick & Jamie ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Moulin Events - Chouteau Room

Wedding Reception ~ Moulin Events - Jefferson Ballroom

Florist ~ The Special Event Florist Tina Barrera

Pie ~ Pint Size Bakery

Bride's Dress ~ The Ultimate Bride

DJ ~ RockStar DJ's

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Andrew and Samantha had the most elegant St. Louis fall wedding.  Their ceremony was held in the natural beauty of the Missouri Botanical Gardens and their reception was a perfect evening at the Muny Pavillion.  The blue chevron, bean bag toss game was crafted by Andrew himself, and the guests were treated to the couple's own band of wine. The band was a hit with their throwback, vintage style. Andrew and Samantha couldn't have been more hospitable or beautiful.  Surrounded by their friends and family they toasted their first day as a married couple.  I was blessed to be there to capture their commitment and celebration.Andrew_Samantha1 Andrew_Samantha2Andrew_Samantha6 Andrew_Samantha8 Andrew_Samantha36Andrew_Samantha12Andrew_Samantha11Andrew_Samantha10Andrew_Samantha16Andrew_Samantha15 Andrew_Samantha23Andrew_Samantha18 Andrew_Samantha19 Andrew_Samantha26 Andrew_Samantha31 Andrew_Samantha21Andrew_Samantha41 Andrew_Samantha39Andrew_Samantha37 Andrew_Samantha38 13 4 Andrew_Samantha45 Andrew_Samantha44Andrew_Samantha55Andrew_Samantha46 Andrew_Samantha49 Andrew_Samantha52Andrew_Samantha56 Andrew_Samantha53 Andrew_Samantha54 Andrew_Samantha47 Andrew_Samantha48

Andrew & Samantha ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Missouri Botanical Gardens

Wedding Reception ~ The Muny

Florist ~ Lesher's Flowers

Make up + Hair ~ Ann Marie Sugden

Gown Boutique ~ Brides by Demetrios

Musician/DJ ~ Miss Jubilee

Cake ~ The Cakery

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Husband and wife musical artists, Jason and Natalie Wilson, make up the band Blessed are the Broken.  Their gifted melodies and strong arrangements, make their debut album, dare I say... Anointed? Their lyrics convey what the heart cries out.  The messages of not being alone, of being strong in weakness, are introspective and encouraging.  Enchanted by the wide array of stringed instruments, and captivated with the Wilson's crystal clear vocals, remind us of a greater story seen through small moments of grace. I have listened to the entire album countless times, and I have a physical reaction to this emotional collection of modern day hymns.  Deep fears, released.  Dark hurts, mended. I have found solace and relief through the prayers they have put to music. Their album, Refuge, drops today! You can download it is available on iTunes and Spotify.

To keep up with Blessed Are the Broken on social media and learn more about upcoming events, visit the Blessed are the Broken website

I am blessed and immensely grateful to call the Wilson's my friends and am humbled  to be a part of their visual team for this album. It is an honor to share some of the photos from our shoot here.

Painting by Greta Coalier. Graphics and layout for the album by Jen Hahn.  Photography by Beautiful Mess Photography.


Splintered, scattered, defeated.

It folds in on itself as I pick my way through the bones.

I trust it to hold, enamored with the glint beneath the grime.

Broken, splattered, mistreated.

Leaks of light and color, purge the din.  Hushed hallways, and towers, a maze to explore.

 The dancing spirits and singing phantoms, now silent.

Shattered, crumbling, abandoned.

I wonder at my ability to relate.  How could you give up on something so beautiful?

The mess too much.  The tare too jagged.  The darkness too deep.