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Set in the impeccable Laumeire Sculpture Park,  Nina and Orie's elegant wedding was gilded in blue skies for miles and contagious laughter.  Classic details of purple orchards and succulent party favors brought a vibrate, life giving atmosphere and transitioned the outside ceremony to the inside reception full of light and music.  From fist look to first dance Orie and Nina floated through with warmth and grace.  It is an honor and delight to share this St. Louis wedding story today. 

Orie & Nina ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~Laumeier Sculpture Park

Officiant ~ Assisi Weddings

Invitation Designer ~ Falmari Paper Co

Florist ~ Arnold Florist

Bride’s Dress ~ Belle Vogue Bridal

Hair Stylist & Makeup ~ Shannon Ball

Cake Artist ~ McArthur's

Caterer ~ Kenrick's Meats & Catering

DJ ~ Pro Sound DJ

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

I am excited to share Rachel and Troy's wedding at mysterious Lemp Mansion.  From the red, white and blue flowers, to the empty table set for POW's and fallen soldiers, the theme was honor and respect for those who serve to protect out country.  Both Rachel and Troy serve in our U.S. military and for that we are extremely grateful.  Here are some of our favorite photos from the day. beautiful-mess-photo_0362 beautiful-mess-photo_0363 beautiful-mess-photo_0364beautiful-mess-photo_0371 beautiful-mess-photo_0374beautiful-mess-photo_0366 beautiful-mess-photo_0375beautiful-mess-photo_0365beautiful-mess-photo_0369beautiful-mess-photo_0370beautiful-mess-photo_0373beautiful-mess-photo_0376beautiful-mess-photo_0379 beautiful-mess-photo_0377beautiful-mess-photo_0380beautiful-mess-photo_0383 beautiful-mess-photo_0384 beautiful-mess-photo_0385beautiful-mess-photo_0387 beautiful-mess-photo_0386beautiful-mess-photo_0394beautiful-mess-photo_0388 beautiful-mess-photo_0392beautiful-mess-photo_0395beautiful-mess-photo_0396

Troy & Rachel ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Lemp Mansion

Officiant ~ Lyndsey Shaffer

Florist ~ Cullop Jennings

Bride’s Dress ~ Elle Bridal Boutique

Hair Stylist & Makeup ~ Lindsey Gaultney

Cake Artist ~ McArthur's

Caterer ~ Lemp Mansion

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

We shot Bridget and Jonah's summer wedding just outside St. Louisa at Willoughby Heritage Farms.  The couples wedding day vision was carried out by the most talented and creative Allissa Reimer.  Allissa is owner of one of St. Louis' top event planners, Style Altar'd.  Her flower arrangements set off the outdoor elegance perfectly. Her team turned the barn into a candlelit and colorful haven.   Allissa even officiated the ceremony.  Bridget was the image of vintage chic with her low cut back dress, classic updo and birdcage veil.  Jonah mastered his details with with a white linen suit, frosted cerulean bowtie, and his JORD watch.  The bridesmaids carried balloons instead of bouquets and the the newlyweds sent their promises into the sky after the vows were said. The day was complete with a old fashioned barn dance with hugs and laughter that truly celebrated the making of this gorgeous couple. beautiful-mess-photo_0212beautiful-mess-photo_0213beautiful-mess-photo_0214beautiful-mess-photo_0216 beautiful-mess-photo_0217beautiful-mess-photo_0218 beautiful-mess-photo_0219beautiful-mess-photo_0222beautiful-mess-photo_0223beautiful-mess-photo_0225 beautiful-mess-photo_0226 beautiful-mess-photo_0228beautiful-mess-photo_0227 beautiful-mess-photo_0229 beautiful-mess-photo_0230beautiful-mess-photo_0232 beautiful-mess-photo_0233beautiful-mess-photo_0252beautiful-mess-photo_0246 beautiful-mess-photo_0234 beautiful-mess-photo_0235 beautiful-mess-photo_0236 beautiful-mess-photo_0237beautiful-mess-photo_0238 beautiful-mess-photo_0242beautiful-mess-photo_0244 beautiful-mess-photo_0245beautiful-mess-photo_0247beautiful-mess-photo_0249 beautiful-mess-photo_0250beautiful-mess-photo_0256 beautiful-mess-photo_0257 beautiful-mess-photo_0258 beautiful-mess-photo_0259 beautiful-mess-photo_0260beautiful-mess-photo_0248 beautiful-mess-photo_0255beautiful-mess-photo_0261 beautiful-mess-photo_0262beautiful-mess-photo_0265 beautiful-mess-photo_0266

Jonah & Bridget ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony ~ Willoughby Heritage Farms

Wedding Reception/Catering ~ Mad Art Gallery

Florist ~ Style Altar'd

Bride’s Dress ~ White Traditions Bridal

Hair Stylist ~ Lauren Thornton at La Jewel hair Studio

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

Zach and Nicole were married in their hometown of Old Monroe.  We were met with warm hugs and hospitality, which come hand in hand with small town Missouri. It was a perfect day with blue skies and blissful temperatures. Nicole's contagious smile and Zach's easy humor, made us feel right at home.  Zach and Nicole's families played a huge part in their wedding day.  The nieces and nephews all dressed in black, white and gold to express the Kate Spade themes of the day.  Between Zach and Nicole they have eight adoring siblings, who filled the day with encouragement and laughter.  It was a beautiful day full of celebration and love. We hope to be invited back to Old Monroe someday to be witness to the heart of what makes the midwest so precious.  Zach_Nicole Weding1 Zach_Nicole Weding34 Zach_Nicole Weding36Zach_Nicole Weding84Zach_Nicole Weding85Zach_Nicole Weding86Zach_Nicole Weding87Zach_Nicole Weding2Zach_Nicole sneekpeek1ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek4ing Zach_Nicole sneekpeek6ingZach_Nicole Weding4Zach_Nicole Weding6 Zach_Nicole Weding35Zach_Nicole Weding7Zach_Nicole Weding5 Zach_Nicole Weding8 Zach_Nicole Weding10 Zach_Nicole Weding11Zach_Nicole sneekpeek3ing Zach_Nicole Weding12Zach_Nicole Weding13 Zach_Nicole Weding15Zach_Nicole Weding14Zach_Nicole sneekpeek2ingZach_Nicole Weding16Zach_Nicole Weding17Zach_Nicole Weding18Zach_Nicole Weding19Zach_Nicole Weding20Zach_Nicole Weding21Zach_Nicole Weding22Zach_Nicole Weding23Zach_Nicole Weding26Zach_Nicole Weding27Zach_Nicole Weding25Zach_Nicole Weding29Zach_Nicole Weding30Zach_Nicole Weding31Zach_Nicole Weding32Zach_Nicole Weding33
On one of those crazy, rainy, summer days in St. Louis Michael and Ashely tied the knot.  You know the kind of day?  Storming with a vengeance one minute, and sunny and humid the next...  Dark, ominous clouds then rainbows and sunshine!  The perfect St. Louis wedding and we photographed it all!  We love this crazy city and all its fancy weather.  And we love our brides and grooms who see the beautiful mess that comes with rainy, St. Louis, summer days.Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14 Michael and Ashely Wedding 06-07-14