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Good morning photography lovers!  Today's wedding post is from the end of summer at Mount Pleasant Winery just outside St. Louis.   David and Becca celebrated their marriage in an intimate ceremony, looking out on the fruited plain, under spacious skies.  From top to bottom their event was draped with some of my favorite flowers of 2016, by Style Altar'd.  Best of all, the support and unity of their friends and family.

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David & Rebecca ~ St Louis Wedding Photography

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Mount Pleasant Winery

Florist ~ Style Altar'd

Cake ~ Wicked Wisk

Wedding Gown Boutique ~ David's Bridal

Invitations ~ Invitations By Dawn

Hair and Makeup  ~ Beauty by Whitney

DJ ~ The Scott Laytham and Karl Holmes Duo

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

I was thrilled to be invited to photograph Kevin and Amanda's gorgeous wedding at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance, MO.  The whole day was full of simple, beautiful details from Amanda's grandma's pearls, to white hydrangeas and twinkle lights.  Kevin and Amanda were surrounded by their friends and family loving and laughing.  The dancing carried us into the night. With a few finishing touches that gave nod to the military service of Kevin and his groomsmen, the day was a masterpiece. We are thankful to all our military families for their service and honored to be a part of Kevin and Amanda's wedding day.  Thank you to my friends Doug and Dene' who referred us for this wedding.  Your faith in us is the highest compliment. Kevin_Amanda Blog48Kevin_Amanda Blog5Kevin_Amanda Blog6 Kevin_Amanda Blog8Kevin_Amanda Blog4 Kevin_Amanda Blog9Kevin_Amanda Blog47Kevin_Amanda Wedding50Kevin_Amanda Wedding53Kevin_Amanda Blog46 Kevin_Amanda Blog11 Kevin_Amanda Blog12 Kevin_Amanda Blog13 Kevin_Amanda Blog14 Kevin_Amanda Blog15 Kevin_Amanda Blog16Kevin_Amanda Blog18Kevin_Amanda Wedding51 Kevin_Amanda Blog19 Kevin_Amanda Blog20 Kevin_Amanda Blog21 Kevin_Amanda Blog22Kevin_Amanda Blog45Kevin_Amanda Blog24Kevin_Amanda Wedding54 Kevin_Amanda Blog25 Kevin_Amanda Blog26Kevin_Amanda Blog27 Kevin_Amanda Blog28 Kevin_Amanda Blog29 Kevin_Amanda Blog30 Kevin_Amanda Blog31Kevin_Amanda Blog33 Kevin_Amanda Blog32Kevin_Amanda Blog34 Kevin_Amanda Blog35 Kevin_Amanda Blog36 Kevin_Amanda Blog37 Kevin_Amanda Blog38 Kevin_Amanda Blog39 Kevin_Amanda Blog40Kevin_Amanda Blog42Kevin_Amanda Wedding52 Kevin_Amanda Blog43 Kevin_Amanda Blog44Kevin_Amanda Blog41