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Today is an exciting day for two reasons.  Two available downloads to be specific.

First, if you have been waiting with bated breath, now you can exhale, because today you can download the new single Move by the band Years Later!

Second, the day has arrived to download one of my favorite movies of this summer, Pitch Prefect 2! So funny and great music!

Go. Download. Enjoy!

Band Photography 002 007 009
I have to say I'm pretty excited to be shooting with these kids again!  Nathan Eswine and Steve O'Neal make up the band, Years Later.  Home cooked right here in the STL, these guys are awesome to work with.    Writing, recording and live band rehearsals, make up most of their days, but they have carved out some time tonight for a photo shoot. Nathan's easy laugh, and Steve's stoic adorableness, makes shooting these rock stars an easy task. They also make amazing music.  Their soon to be released single, Move, is a touching and eloquent, almost ballad. A fantastic compliment to their already released single, Fire Now, which was featured in the movie, Marshall the Miracle Dog,  in theaters later this month.  Stay tuned for live performance dates, info on their upcoming album, and of course amazing photographs!  Get ready to be a fan!Years Later Band 11-12-14Years Later Band 11-12-14Years Later Band 11-12-14Years Later Band 11-12-14Years Later Band 11-12-14