Destination Wedding – Denver Colorado – Mike + Emily

Ten years ago, Mike and I made a deal.  He could ask a girl to marry him, but she would have to say yes to me being the photographer, as well as marrying Mike.  A little ridiculous, I know.  Really what we were saying is that we wanted to be friends though all the chapters of life. I wanted to be there to celebrate his wedding day with him.  I wanted to know the woman he would marry and be friends with her.  We wanted to know the woman who would love all the crazy and hazardous things about Mike.  As soon as we met Emily, we knew they were a perfect match.  She was the best person to love him.  I cannot thank you both enough for bringing Tim and I to Denver to share in the celebration of your marriage.  I am thrilled to be sharing this wedding with you today because, amazing photography, but also because Mike and Emily are precious friends of ours and their marriage is a dream come true.  I cannot be happier for two people to come together and start a life.
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Mike & Emily ~ Desination Wedding Photography

Rehearsal Dinner ~ The Post Brewing Co.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception ~ Lionsgate Event Center

Florist ~ A Florae

Cake ~ Whole Foods

Bride’s Dress ~ David’s Bridal

DJ ~ Encore Professional Disc Jockeys

Photography ~ Beautiful Mess Photography

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